100% effortless chic


My name is Dagna, I am a designer and I created Dear Lisa Shop for brave people who like to stand out and play with their style.

Many years of experience as an interior architect allowed me to design outstanding furniture and strive for perfection helped to find wonderful craftsmen.

I am sure of my passion to create unique, eye-catching and timeless things that will make you feel special in your own home.

Dear Lisa gives you furniture that are sophisticated and attract attention.



100% handmade

Dear Lisa furniture is hand made with special attention to the quality of craftsmanship from excellent veneers and fabrics in the local family manufacture, where every stage from the design through prototype, evaluation and production is supervised in detail.


Our goal is to support local producers and meet the high expectations of our customers.


We want to hear you

Have thoughts about how we can make our business better ?

Please let us know – just email us! hello@dearlisashop.com